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Online Exhibition

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions I have been unable to organise a suitable exhibition for my work on East Lothian DooCots.

I was introduced to the KunstMatrix website which allows artist to create virtual 3D exhibition spaces. I was quite taken with the idea of a virtual exhibition because it created a full accessible space outside of the restrictions of distance and locale.

I have embedded a link to the exhibition here.

New Short Course from OCA – Psychogeography

I was browsing my twitter feed this morning when this new short course from the OCA popped up.

How different places make us feel and behave.

Hopefully the course will still be available when I get to the end of studies stage as this idea of how we behave in certain places was one that I cam across in the Landscape course and is interesting to me.

Virtual Study Visit to Hazel Bingham’s Degree Show/Solo Exhibition.

The OCA student site advetised that Photography and Moving Image Tutor Andrew Conroy wouild be leading a visit to Hazel Bingham’s Degree Show/Solo Exhibition.

I registered for the zoom conference where Hazel was on hand to lead us through the work, discuss it and answer questions on the images.

The exhibition is the culmination of 3 years work on the King’s Cross Central area of London and tied in very well with the what I had been stdying during the Landscape course. I was able to interpret scenes where text had been included as symbolic pointers to certain messages, as well as examine the images to see a underlying message about who controls what.

It was a very interesting meeting that, had it not been done virtually, I probably would never had been able to attend. I look forward to seeing if this technique of making gallery visits available online, is taken up as it makes the art more accessible.

Research and Reflection: Turner

I have already started to use the Google Arts and Culture app on my phone to help me access and see galleries around the world and the work of specific artists. It is very helpful when looking for a particular image; I was trying to locate the name of a painting by Turner and was quickly able to track down “Steam Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth”. I have been fascinated with this painting for many years and was happy to able to be zoom into closely to examine the work itself.