Spoons, bumps, and delays

This blog post in a way was created by a post by the OCA on chronic conditions and students. As a spoonie, I have to be careful that I don’t overdo it, or under do it, walking a careful balance beam of pain, fatigue and boredom. Some days I run out of spoons before breakfast coffee and sometimes I have enough left that I can enjoy an evening.

Within this mix I have had the addition problem of an ill partner, I can usually rely on them to back-fill on any number of issues caused by overdoing it or just getting it wrong and making myself ill. This time, I was the one doing the legwork if you can forgive the phrase and helping her out. During the last three months we have been pretty much house bound as she was in too much pain to drive and her condition did not allow for much mobility. This was a major speed-bump in my course plan as I was suddenly stuck in the house, using up my spoons to help another.

This did cause a bit of a loss of headway in my coursework and also a major case of loss of motivation as I just could not get outside to look at things, scout, plan or photograph anything. But as Aerosmith once sang “I am back in the saddle again”


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