Virtual Study Visit to Hazel Bingham’s Degree Show/Solo Exhibition.

The OCA student site advetised that Photography and Moving Image Tutor Andrew Conroy wouild be leading a visit to Hazel Bingham’s Degree Show/Solo Exhibition.

I registered for the zoom conference where Hazel was on hand to lead us through the work, discuss it and answer questions on the images.

The exhibition is the culmination of 3 years work on the King’s Cross Central area of London and tied in very well with the what I had been stdying during the Landscape course. I was able to interpret scenes where text had been included as symbolic pointers to certain messages, as well as examine the images to see a underlying message about who controls what.

It was a very interesting meeting that, had it not been done virtually, I probably would never had been able to attend. I look forward to seeing if this technique of making gallery visits available online, is taken up as it makes the art more accessible.

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