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Exercise 4.6 – Proposal for the self-directed project

Project Brief – Following on from the research undertaken regarding the loss of historical landscape due to land development. This project aims to research and photograph Jacobean doocots (dovecots) in the East Lothian district. The project will be guided by the doocots listed in the 1937 publication ‘Transactions of East Lothian Antiquarian and Field naturalists Society Vol 3’ which listed the doocots and their state at that point in time. 

Influences and Research – Images will be captured and presented in the style of the New Topographics group. The project is influenced by Hilda and Bernd Becher, and Edward Burtynsky. The research will be guided by the 1937 paper.  

Locations will be gathered together using maps and digital footprints; arachnological and historical guidance from websites as to the locations, positions, and state of each of the doocots as to guide me to the doocot. Information from the Scottish archaeological group and from Canmore will allow me to obtain a fixed GPS position. In the event that a doocot has been destroyed whatever in that GPS position will be photographed. The research will also help in accessibility issues. Some access may have to be obtained where the doocot has fallen into private possession. 

Likely Treatment – Doocots will be photographed at a set distance using the same parameters as possible, angle, height, position relevant to the camera in an attempt to capture scenes which will be comparable with each other. Images will be monochrome from digital 35mm. The text for each Doocots will be taken from the 1937 document and will include size, shape, style, and number of pigeons roosting at point of the design. 

Potential Outcome  – The final collection will be displayed in a gallery as part of an installation. The images again will be marked with braille text allowing visitors with visual impairment to read the photographs through touch. Each image displayed will have a full braille description of the image as well as a standard card with details. 

Budget/Resources – Since I am unable to drive myself and with mobility issues, I will be using a vehicle for transport, this will be used to carry the photographic equipment as well. 

In the event of any issues with an image I have already scheduled in time for reshoots 

All images will be taken digitally and then go through Post Processing before Printing and Braille Marking before being mounted in Frames.  

Estimated Schedule – the project will take 900 hours in total, not including travel time. 

This project builds upon the work undertaken during part 3 of the course, culminating in my work on Assignment 3; and is constructed on the ideas presented in that work. 



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